About Us

Executive 2020-2021

President Kimela Thompson
Vice President vacant
Secretary Moira Sarling, Darlene Finch (backup)
Treasurer Helene Johnston
Past Pres/Sunshine Rojean Trent

Committees 2020-2021

Membership Mona MacKinnon, Grace Whitelock, Trish Clooney
Program / Workshops Karen Biddlecombe, Darlene Finch, Jude Grebeldinger, Maria Lodzinski, Nancy McMurdo (need more)
Website Elizabeth Byrne
Facebook Karen Biddlecombe
Block of the Month Eileen Evans, Donna Thompson, Lynda White
Comfort Quilts Lynda White, Lois Anderson, Joan Baker, Linda Child, Jean Whitehead, Marie Malcolm, Janet Flumerfelt, Jeanette Thompson, Andrea Wilson
Publicity Moira Sarling
CQA Rep Shel Hein
Library Phyllis Argyle, Donna Athey, Joanne Pollan, (need one more)
Newsletter Marian Williamson, Phyllis Argyle, Val Maurus (Ads)
Bus Trips Sharon Roye
Quilt Show Karen Biddlecombe & Bernardine Somogyi

Our History

In 1982 a group of women on the Sunshine Coast got together to share their love of quilting. Pat Crucil, an accomplished quilter and teacher, established this first quilt group on the Coast.

1982 SCQG
1982: Joanne Segate, Florence Doig, Chris Ward, Vera Nelson, Lissi Hemstalk, Kerrin Brookes; Janet Flumerfelt, Pat Crucil, and Pauline Webber (nee Hoene)
1985 SCQG
1985: Nancy Jaeger, Joanne Segate, Lissi Helmstalk, Marie Malcolm, Vera Nelson, Chris Ward; Pat Crucil, Ann Fraser (& Brooke born Nov. 84), Kerrin Brookes, Janet Flumerfelt, and Pauline Webber. Quilters Christmas celebration 1985.
Wedding Gift quilt 1984
Wedding Gift: Group quilt presented by Pat Crucil to Pauline (nee Hoene) Webber as a wedding gift September 1984

Today the Sunshine Coast Quilters’ Guild is the umbrella organization for seven local community quilt groups from Pender Harbour to Gibsons, with a membership of 175.

We continue to meet eight days throughout our Guild year, from September to May at the Holy Family Parish Hall in West Sechelt (5700 Nickerson Road). Our meetings consist of Mini-Workshops, Business Meetings, Show and Tell, and a Program.