Showcase Our Quilts Online!

For everyone to see the wonderful projects we all undertake, we will be happy to post pictures of them on this page — so send them in. Pictures of guild members sewing, socializing or travelling would also be nice; it is a courtesy to have permission from everyone in the photo before sending it in. Submission tips.

November 2022 Resource Day

January 2022 Resource Day

November 2021 Resource Day

October 2021 Resource Day

September 2021 Resource Day

May 2021 Zoom Resource Day

Show and Tell Presentation, Part 1 and Part 2

April 2021 Zoom Resource Day

Show and Tell Presentation

March 2021 Zoom Resource Day

Show and Tell Presentation

Comfort Society Quilt Project

This is a small sample of the 40 quilts that were donated to the Gibsons Supportive Housing being run by RainCity. Our Guild accomplished this feat in 6 weeks. A big thank you to our Comfort Society for seeing the need and guiding our group to getting the job done!

Gallery - unnamed

February 2021 Zoom Resource Day

Show and Tell Presentation – Part 1

Show and Tell Presentation – Part 2

Comfort Society Quilts

January 2021 Zoom Resource Day

Show and Tell Presentation

December 2020 – Comfort Quilts

December 2020 – Placemats!

32 placemats made by members as part of a mini project were turned in. They were gratefully received by Meals on Wheels.

October 31

September 26

Summer 2020 Pop-Ups

We came together for two pop-up meetings outside in the parking lot of our regular meeting place: First on August 15 and again on 29th (wearing masks and keeping apart). The show and tell was amazing!

Working from Home 2020

During our time of caring for one another by keeping apart, our quilters are busy! Always prepared, we have little bits of fabric tucked away as well as a couple of projects on the go, and further, a few ideas of things to make. Here are some of our home projects. Take good care and enjoy our creations.

May 2020

April 2020

March 2020

March 7, 2020 Stash Buster Workshop

February 29, 2020 Resource Day

February 9, 2020

Catherine Nicholls Free Motion Quilting and Finishing Workshop held at Eric Cardinal Hall on Sunday, February 9th.

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Photo submission guidelines:

  1. Don’t send them too big. Raw out of your camera makes for very large files and sometimes your e-mail will not take them. If you insist then break them up into sets of 3 or 4 pictures but be sure and send all at the same time (don’t want to start work on your album and have more pictures come in).
  2. Don’t make them too small before you send them. Some e-mail programs have reduction standards that make very small pictures for e-mail. Go up one or two sizes. For the no computer folks, a size that produces a files about 300 to 600 KB is good or about 1024 pixels if it is expressed that way.
  3. A title and a short description are good but be clear what description goes with what picture and use simple text – DO NOT use your e-mail for this. Attach a separate text file (Word or whatever)
  4. Tip: if you have more than one and want to send them together you can select from your list of files one at a time by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each picture you wish to send OR if they are together then hold down the Shift key and click the first picture and then the last one in your list.

You can send them all in using the form on the Contact Page.