President’s Challenge

Due to the tighter restrictions to gather and be inspired, this will be a “virtual” challenge. I feel it is more important than ever to share the love and comfort our sewing skills can give to others. Our guild has already provided tremendous assistance to our health care workers this spring, we have been asked to help provide masks this fall. Our extended care facilities have asked for help to cheer up the places where our elders reside and we have continued to fill our Comfort Society with blankets of love.

So, most of you have already completed part of this challenge! The items do not have to be associated through the guild programs. It is how you use your sewing, not just quilting skills, to help our world be a better place. Next is to, hopefully, provide some photos of these projects, otherwise a short description is fine. Finally, a short narrative. Tell us what motivates you to make and give these sorts of wonderful gifts. How you became involved, especially if it wasn’t linked to one of the guilds on the coast. What were the challenging aspects you faced, if any. What is the best part for you.

Challenge Criteria


Karen B’s Submission

Phyllis A’s Submission

President’s Awards