President’s Challenge

PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE 2021—2022 – “Connection”

In this time of pandemic, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining connections with people who are important in our lives. Staying connected with loved ones has been especially difficult if they were in Care, in Hospital or in another city. My challenge to you is to create something that will always connect you to someone dear to you. I’m sure many of you have made quilts to honour generations of family or those who have passed. If you have already made a special quilt, I invite you to share your “Quilts of Connection” with us at the Reveal in May 2022.

For those who have not yet tried to make that special quilt, or do feel inspired to make another one, here is a challenge to honour friends or relatives you love, and some ideas:

Think about places you have been with that special person, events you have shared, activities you loved to do together. Assemble their favourite colours, fabric from their clothing, small items to sew on like jewellery, photos that can be printed on fabric, etc.

I made a landscape quilt based on a painting my Mother had done 80 years ago, which represents our family home. I invite you to make something that will always be a rich reminder of the people who matter most to you. 

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Reveal – May 2022