Program Challenges

SCQG Poetic Quilting Guild Challenge 2023/24


To challenge you to use your imagination to create an image from language.


  • Twelve participants are required.
  • Each participant will select a sealed envelope containing:
    • 2 lines of poetry to provide inspiration.
    • The dimensions of the your specific block.
      Please note that the block size is important. The overall quilt design incorporates blocks of different sizes. We are counting on your work of art to fit into its designated spot in the overall plan.
    • A piece of fabric to be incorporated into the finished block.
  • Unquilted blocks are to be returned to the Program Committee on or before the March 23rd Resource Day and the finished quilt will be revealed at the May 25th Resource Day and…

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SCQG UFO Challenge 2023/24

Entrance Fee: $5

How to participate:

  • Choose 7 projects (quilting, embroidery, knitting, fibre art, other) that you are going to finish and record them on the project log. Make a copy for your information (i.e. a photo on your phone). Return the project log to the Program Committee to keep on file.
  • Each month a number between 1 and 7 will be drawn and shared in the newsletter. That month, work on your project with the corresponding number.
  • At the Resource Day on the following month, bring in your completed project, or a picture of it, and it will be recorded as finished by the Program Committee.
  • At the May 25th Resource Day, everyone who has completed all their UFOs will be entered into a draw to win the POT, which is the $5 entrance fee from all participants.